Mixed mobility

Cup of tea and smartphone

Cup of tea and iPhone

I don’t think I’ve talked all that often about living in a mixed household.

It’s not that hard a slog, or even that noteworthy. We get by just like folks from the same tribe do.

We just wind up stopping more often to ask questions and process answers.

We may not always have the same vocabulary for mutual experiences. That just means we work a little harder. But the work’s worth it. We both come away with a renewed appreciation for our differences.

I mean, an Android owner like me can always get something out of time spent with other kinds of mobile users, even if it’s just lulz. And an iPhone user like her can point and laugh at me whenever my phone seizes up and needs rebooting for the nth time.

It’s really very simple: She likes the ease and convenience her phone offers. I like the ability to tinker — and the constraints that come with having a non-default device.

Heh. Bet you thought I was going to talk about a different kind of mixed household, huh?

Maybe early next week I’ll take a swing at jotting down some things that have occurred to me in nearly 13 months since switching over from Symbian.

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