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CNN News explains Anonymous vs. BART (i)If you or someone you know ride San Francisco’s BART transportation system, take a listen to this. You may have just been hacked. Dan Simon is live in San Francisco with the story.


GRIFFIN: The hacking group Anonymous strikes again, this time targeting BART’s San Francisco Bay Area rapid transit system. It appears that the names and phone numbers were hacked from the BART Web site and posted online. The group took credit for the breach in a YouTube message.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We have been watching the actions of San Francisco, blocking communication of cell phone devices is unacceptable. The Bay Area Rapid Transit has decided that blocking cellular communication is the correct way to scare off protesters.


GRIFFIN: Dan Simon covering the story for us in San Francisco.

And, Dan, I got to be honest with you. I do not understand what Anonymous is so ticked off about here.

DAN SIMON, CNN SILICON VALLEY CORRESPONDENT: Well, this is what anonymous likes to do. They like to target organizations who they perceive are limiting free speech.

And as you heard there in the clip, there was a situation last week where BART shut down the cell phone communication for all the riders, all of its passengers in the San Francisco Bay Area.

And the reason why they did that is there was supposed to be a protest last week. BART has been battling an image problem for sometime. There are people that believe that its police department has been overzealous. There were a couple high profile incidents, most recent one occurring just last month where BART police shot and killed a homeless man who was allegedly wielding a knife.

Well, despite all that, people think that BART has gone overboard, and there was supposed to be this. Well, to thwart that protest BART shut down the cell phone communication for all of the passengers and that ticked off Anonymous. So, they decided to hack into its Web site — and that’s exactly what they did.

CNN News explains Anonymous vs. BART (ii)GRIFFIN: And what kind of information has been released because of that?

SIMON: Well, this was an external Web site, not the main BART Web site, but where people have log-in information, where people set up accounts. And so, what they did is they went into that Web site, and it’s called And they published all the users, names, e-mail addresses and phone numbers. No financial information compromised.

But, you know, if you have an account of this people who has an account, you know, it may aggravate you to see your name and e-mail address and phone number up on a public venue.

GRIFFIN: YES. And so, now, what’s going to happen today? There’s some warning for riders today?

SIMON: Well, Anonymous has said, we want to have a protest. So, today, at 5:00, it asked everybody who was upset about this, about shutting down the cell phones to show up at a San Francisco BART station at 5:00, and their goal is to try to disrupt service for commuters.

BART obviously is concerned about this, and they have not announced their plans to try prevent the protest and keep everything running on time. But nonetheless, you know, there’s going to be this protest at 5:00 local time in San Francisco. So, stay tuned.

GRIFFIN: And we will. Thanks a lot, Dan. Appreciate that. Interesting story.

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