Bad connection Statement on temporary wireless service interruption in select BART stations on Aug. 11

I’ve only ever used the wireless service connection a few times inside BART stations. Before its arrival, being underground was just something to suffer through. What did it matter? I was just like everyone else, heading somewhere where there’d be a signal. Without it, I was just using the phone in my hand or my laptop to play music or write or zone out.

But BART has changed, not least since January 1, 2009. And as shocked and irritated as I am about the cut-off switch that BART officials threw in advance of a protest that never really materialized, it’s really par for the course. This is how things are now. On the way up to Oregon last month, after stopping for the night near Mt. Shasta, I look in on Twitter and I see people talking about BART police shooting another man. It’s not the service interruption that I worry about on the rarer and rarer occasions I choose to ride trains.

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