I do not believe in Mercury retrograde

Broken glasses (i)But both pairs of my glasses failed today. And the One True Frames I want are on back-order with an estimated time-of-arrival of a month.

And there was this brief exchange with tech support at my hosting service:

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with ‘xxxx’

xxxx: Hi. How may I help?

George: I’ve got trouble.

George: I can’t access any of my domains.

George: Type them into a browser? Nothing shows up.

George: I get “Error establishing a database connection”

George: And that’s if I get anything at all.

xxxx: checking

George: Actually, scratch that. One still works: notherethere.com

George: But allaboutgeorge.com and negrophile.com don’t work

xxxx: overloaded machine

George: Huh. Saintandkings.com still works.

xxxx: sys admins are looking at it

xxxx: it is not super high

George: What’s overloaded it?

George: Is overloading common?

xxxx: so some stuff will do it

xxxx: probably another customer

George: … am I the customer? o_0

George: I didn’t do it, did I?

xxxx: there are multiple vps’s on the physical machine

xxxx: do you have a suspicion about a particular domain?

George: No.

George: I don’t know any of my virtual neighbors.

xxxx: that would be normal…

xxxx: being a ‘V’ps, you have a virtual machine on a physical machine, and

xxxx: there are others on it

xxxx: so it is more isolated than shared hosting

xxxx: but not as bulletproof as a dedicated physical machine

George: And I haven’t uploaded any content lately (if ever) that might tip things over

George: nods That makes sense.

xxxx: it is probably due in part to us upgrading the operating system recently

xxxx: we are working the bugs out,

xxxx: but it could be another cust

xxxx: which we hunt down and stop

George: Is it possible to tell when it happened?

George: Might that be useful in some way?

xxxx: if you shoot me an email i’ll let you know when they let me know

xxxx: xxxxx@dreamhost.com from the email address of your acct

Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.

So, yeah.

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