Driving back after dropping off

Eastbound Bay Bridge

I can’t believe I still get to log into this thing and post any­thing I want. It’s not as if I for­get that I pay for the right. It feels like this rarely exer­cised priv­i­lege. I was going to say it feels like vot­ing, but (even today — espe­cially today) that’s still a right.
There wouldn’t even be this post with­out me notic­ing Ursula’s 30-day blog­ging chal­lenge on a cer­tain social net­work. I might have a few more posts in me this month; stranger things have hap­pened. At the very least, it will be an excuse to see just how dis­in­ter­me­di­ated my atten­tion span has got­ten lately with so many won­der­ful toys ser­vices around and about on the Internets.

I woke up way too early after a busy week­end where I did as lit­tle as pos­si­ble unless it was extremely plea­sur­able. I made it over to the air­port and saw her off. I will see her when I see her, slightly less than a fort­night from now.

I think instead of lis­ten­ing to me try­ing not to sneeze, you should press play on this video. Or you press play on this Sound­cloud file. Don’t do both: it’ll just dis­tract you. If I get around to upload­ing the unholy union of the two, that’ll be just peachy. I like mak­ing music, I do, I do: another nice lit­tle self-reminder. Those are pleas­ant, aren’t they?

Shamsher vs. headphones by allaboutgeorge

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