Monthly Archives: August 2011

Uptown Wednesday night

It’s empty out. I’m coming back from a long day at the newsroom. I’m eastbound at 19th Street, stopped at Telegraph Avenue and waiting for the light to change. Then I notice this couple, her in a lovely summer dress, him suited and booted, standing on the corner and waiting for the light to change. […]

Meeting Travis

More talk today with an unexpected connection (re-)made over the weekend: I got to have a beer at The Commonwealth and an extremely interesting conversation with Travis Campbell. I used to read one of his sites, The Black Informant, back in 2006 after I’d started Negrophile. It turns out he’s moved from Southern California to […]

Tacking into the winds

In the wake of last week’s announcements about the coming changes at the newspaper, all sorts of interesting people are appearing. The first one I saw this week was Luke Stangel. Now, like many folks at the paper, I don’t own an iPad. But I do use the Web, play with a smartphone and consider […]

How to dominate a sub

Speaking of places I like to go eat? Ankita and I have had brunch here several times, and she still likes to go by during the day when she can for hot chocolate. I envy her the times she’d stop in and someone like DJ fflood would be spinning. So it’s Sunday and I wind […]

Bending and blending

After brunch at one of those places I can never stop going to (Lynne and Lu’s Escapade Cafe on Grand Avenue — know how I know it’s one of those places? I used to be its Foursquare mayor, and my former boss took someone he was interviewing there, looked it up and saw it and […]

I do deny them my essence

Outside in: Going to see Dr. Strangelove at the Paramount tomorrow night. Tempted to sneak in a camcorder and bootleg it, just to see the reaction. August 26, 2011 12:15 am via Twitter for iPhoneReplyRetweetFavorite @Sexhammer Rod VonFleischhammer Oh. My. God. Dr. Strangelove is playing in downtown Oakland. MUST. FIND. FRIEND WITH CAR! August 26, […]

Even if you don’t love me anymore

I thought I was going to get to go hang out with geek comedian Heather Gold, who was in town for several days. We keep trying to meet up to go out and sing karaoke. I made it over to the Deco Lounge around 8 p.m. so I could get right on at 9 p.m. […]

The feed and the live chat

Purple Platybus at Wal-Mart I need to remember to make the decision — the next one, the fateful one, the one that means retaining control of myself when it is the right thing to do or relinquishing control when it is the right thing to do or both. After yesterday, I had two reminders of […]

Killer quake

I walked out the door of the Oakland Tribune office on Oakport Street earlier today after looking at this front page. Without a doubt, it stands as a Bay Area newspaper’s finest hour — so says the Pulitzer Prize committee. I know I should be saying something practical and serious, something in keeping with the […]

What I’ve been eating and why

Any Sunday night, you can salt and bring water to boil, break strands of spaghetti into halves and toss them under the surface of a now-roiling pot. You can find the Swiss chard from the Berkeley farmers market that Ankita chopped up, add them to the organic marinara spaghetti sauce and the absolutely amazing vegetarian […]