Monthly Archives: November 2007

No Hard Feelings

No Hard Feelings George Kelly (Don't worry. No singing on this one. 😉 )

How To Talk To Girls At Parties (demo)

How To Talk To Girls At Parties Am9 Fmaj7 Dm9Don't start a rumorDon't listen to talk around townShow good humorAnd act up when life looks down Dm9 Em9 arpegMe, I never built my world around themNot that my reserve remained unspentGave me something beautiful to long forGave me something to learn to repentI never built […]

I Overshot You (demo)

I Overshot You George Kelly I believe in energy and mass and light and gravity I believe in engines you can calibrate with instruments I believe that we should have found a way to unite A way to harness large forces to our tiny desires I overshot you I overshot you I'm out of your […]