Closer than clothes

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Free internet
Laundromat bulletin board

I went to the laundromat last night after work. They've got Wi-Fi now (good!); you have to hunt down an attendant for the password (bad!); there are no power outlets so you can always be chargin' (ugly!).

A guy waiting for his clothes to dry had an Ovation acoustic guitar with him. I saw him patting his pockets down in search of a pick. I remembered seeing one at the bottom of my laundry basket, so I rooted around, found it and handed it to him. He thanked me and began to play.

I had a shaker/thunderstick in my car's trunk (because that's where all my percussion instruments have been hiding out since this summer's CampCamps), so I went and got it and played along. He was kind enough to pass the guitar off after a little while.

We made 40 cents. That would've covered seven minutes' worth of dryer time. We gave it to a man who'd walked in and was asking people for change.

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  • Barry says:

    [this is good] Need a roadie?

  • Brick says:

    [this is good] Don’t ever stop living life to the fullest! Now you are making me think I need to go to laundromat from time to time (instead of drop off). I am clearly missing all the  action!

  • Scooter Kitty says:

    [this is good]

  • SerenityLife says:

    [this is good] I am tickled that you made 40 cents. Is that enough for a pack of gum? 

    7 minutes of dryer time for 40 cents?! What kinda dryers are those?!?!?!?

    I can get 12 minutes of dryer time for .25 cents for the dryers in my building – and I live in NYC! Interesting! 

  • maubrowncow says:

    [this is good]

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