Monthly Archives: August 2007

Songs I’m not listening to on the radio

If Everyone Cared ILX: […] No one's mentioned "If Everyone Cared" yet. It's Nickelback's "Imagine," and I can't think of anything less suited for them. I mean, Kroeger is suggesting that how if everyone just dropped their weapon and started carrying flowers and cared and shared and loved and gave each other a big group […]

Booka’sto trippin’

African American fiction Reading what RPM wrote the other day reminded me.

With her bangles and her spangles and her stars

the making of "beauty and crime" […] “I met Philip Glass as I was walking down the street,” she explains over the phone from, of course, Manhattan. “I run into him fairly often. And he said, ‘How’s it going?’ I said that I was without a record deal, and he looked really happy and said, […]