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Unk vs. Avril Levigne – walk it out MASHUP HOUSE PARTY

Got a MySpace friend request for Plastic Operator, a band I've never heard of. I figure I'll give "Peppermint" a listen. It's cute, like Alan Parsons Project vs. The Postal Service. "Folder" is cuter, like Kings of Convenience or Phoenix vs. Kraftwerk. Sorry, fellas, I'm still not friending you, but you've checked and mated me into finding your full album on The other was for Angie Mattson (whose "Drive" is frenetic and intense and whose "We're All We've Got Now" induces reflection).

“People I, going in, would never have expected were from the library
field. Smart, well-read, interesting, funny people, who
seemed to be happy with their jobs.”
vs. “The users of our products don’t really care about the
technology. They just have a job they’re trying to
do. We bridge the gap between what technology is capable of doing and
what users want to achieve.”

"[O]ur research has found that readership among women with children is
significantly lower. We are forming a committee to study the research,
assess our content and make recommendations. Volunteers and thoughts
about this are welcome."

Kevin Smith vs. Anita Modak-Truran (via C.): See, now, this is why Everyone Hates Newspapers.

James Knox hipped me to the singalong for "The Wiz" at the Parkway, so you know where I'll be August 16th. (Only Nipsey himself can handle how I roll with "Slide Some Oil to Me," I'm just sayin'.)

I completely missed walking it out and I should know better than to try to play catch-up, but one utterly delightful Felicia find merits another — hence the video.

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