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My mind is telling me no …

SAN FRANCISCO FILM SOCIETY PRESENTS SF360 FILM + CLUB: TRAPPED IN THE CLOSET SING-ALONG FEATURING THE ARTISTIC CANON OF R. KELLY AT MEZZANINESF360 Film+Club Takes Movies Out of the Theater and Puts Them in the Club San Francisco, CA (March 14, 2007) – The San Francisco Film Society presents the latest SF360 Film+Club, a monthly […]


I didn't take a picture of her. It didn't matter. None wouldn't have done her justice. How do you describe someone who picks you up and takes you where you want to go? Who gives you shelter and snark? Who goads you to try a little red wine and shares thoughtful takes on microfiction when […]

Saturday evening, 3rd and San Jacinto

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Vox Hunt: Enjoy The Sunset

Show us your favorite sunset picture.Submitted by B. Mag. Pescadero sunset

Austin-amorous (ooh, flossy, flossy!)

Apparently I'm here for South by Southwest again. And I'm rolling with RPM. And I think I'm hosting the IRC chat for this year's Bloggies. (That'll be irc:// And I'll be on a new TV show with my band. And I'll be on a panel and watching all the other kickass panels. Friday, 9 March […]

QotD: Musical Horoscope

What's your musical horoscope?  (Put your player on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs that come up.)Inspired by Stephanie.   "Fex" off Matthew Dear's "Leave Luck to Heaven""Everything Irie" off Eddy Grant's "Reparation""All You Want" off Dido's "No Angel""Desafinado" off Ryuichi Sakamoto's "A Day In New York""Por Acaso, Pelo Tarde" off Celso Fonseca's "Rive […]

Give this post a soundtrack

[…] The mini-fad for referencing turn-of-the-'90s hip-hop may just be an accident; the samples Pretty Ricky, Lloyd and Musiq Soulchild employ have been mined by other artists, including Nelly and Ini Kamoze. But by vocalizing these hooks instead of just interpolating them, the younger artists claim a legacy. Lloyd and the members of Pretty Ricky […]