I didn't take a picture of her. It didn't matter. None wouldn't have done her justice. How do you describe someone who picks you up and takes you where you want to go? Who gives you shelter and snark? Who goads you to try a little red wine and shares thoughtful takes on microfiction when you least expect it? Who looks upon scorching sun and thundering cloudburst with a sidelong squint and game guffaw? If you spent any time in my presence this year, it was at her sufferance and with her imprimatur and under her protection. Throw flowers, send stock tips and garland her shoulders with tall, muscular, grinning, sweet-smelling power forwards, and believe me when I say that I bow down before her awesome powers of generosity, geniality and goodwill.

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  1. [this is good] You are the bees knees. George, despite evil sinus infections – I hope you know it was my pleasure to serve as your host. While I’m bummed I wasn’t in the right state of health to hang out with the crew, it did my heart good to have a chance to hang out with you, get the play by play and chat about all things living (as we already are inclined to do by way of this space and others).

    I hope you enjoyed your stay, we enjoyed having you. Austin, Mecca and your Cancerian sister already feel your absence.

    Magnolia Cafe, 2008. I’ll see you there. (my God, this sounds like summer camp, doesn’t it?)

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