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Sleepy-deepy McPlane-Seatwuhrmer
Afternoon coffee, The Hideout

Apparently I'm here for South by Southwest again.

And I'm rolling with RPM.

And I think I'm hosting the IRC chat for this year's Bloggies. (That'll be irc://

And I'll be on a new TV show with my band.

And I'll be on a panel and watching all the other kickass panels.

Friday, 9 March 2007

  [X] 03:30PM The Real Story Behind Snakes on a Plane (9ABC)

  [X] 05:00PM How to Rawk SXSW (9ABC)

Saturday, 10 March 2007

  [X] 10:00AM World Domination Via Collaboration (10AB)

  [X] 11:30AM Bridging the Online Cultural Divide (9AB)

  [X] 11:30AM Under 18: Blogs, Wikis and Online Social Networks for Youth (8ABC)

  [X] 02:00PM Tag. You're It (10AB)

  [X] 02:00PM Everything's Gone Douglas Coupland (Day Stage)

  [X] 04:05PM Web 2.0 / 3.0 Make Your Passion Your Profession (Ballroom F)

  [X] 05:00PM Boss Lady (10AB)

Sunday, 11 March 2007

  [X] 11:30AM Blogging Where Speech Isn't Free (Ballroom F)

  [X] 02:00PM Keynote Conversation: Limor Fried / Phil Torrone (Hilton / Grand Ballroom)

  [X] 04:05PM Fictional Bloggers (8ABC)

  [X] 05:00PM The Rise of the Blogebrity (12AB)

Monday, 12 March 2007

  [X] 10:00AM User Generated Content and Original Editorial: Friend or Foe (10AB)

  [X] 11:30AM The Digital Ethnorati (9AB)

  [X] 02:00PM Dan Rather Keynote Interview (Hilton / Grand Ballroom)

  [X] 03:30PM Journalism in the Blogosphere: A Legal Guide to Internet "Press" (8ABC)

  [X] 04:05PM The Invisible Blogosphere (8ABC)

  [X] 05:00PM Open Content, Remix Culture and the Sharing Economy: Rights, Ownership and Getting Paid (19AB)

So, like, Twitter/e-mail/IM me to tell me what else is going on, would ya?

8 Comments on Austin-amorous (ooh, flossy, flossy!)


  • RPM says:

    [this is good] Austin is nice with folks like you in it!!

  • cheryl says:

    [this is good] but when will you sleep?

  • Scooter Kitty says:

    [this is good] I am jealous..lucky

  • Melissa says:

    [c’est top] (pretending not to care, but really does) 
    have a glorious time with rpm and jason, george!  good luck on your panel. 

  • Lainie says:

    [this is good] Oh yay!

    I was trying to figure out what panel you were on. Now I know!

    Can’t wait to see you. I don’t have your # for some reason (uh, it might be because I put my cell phone through the wash after the last sxsw!)…can you email it to me?

  • Tchatchke says:

    Feeling homesick…will you go have some gingerbread pancakes at Magnolia Café for me? Please?!?!?!?

  • tuckergurl says:

    I will be there from Sunday to Wednesday.  Maybe I will see you.  Our film, Election Day is premiering there!  

  • allaboutgeorge says:

    I’m out Tuesdayish, so hit me on Twitter. 🙂

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