They say that everything looks prettier in storefront glass

Douglas Martin wrote it the other day. I liked the lyrics. I e-mailed him to ask what the chords were. I don't think I got them quite right.

Update: This is a little closer to what it should sound like.

Letting your tape rock till your tape pop

Girl TalkGirl TalkGirl TalkGirl TalkGirl Talk
Girl TalkGirl TalkGirl TalkGirl TalkGirl Talk
Girl TalkIMG_9601.Girl TalkGirl TalkGirl TalkGirl Talk

"[…] As he clicked away Saturday night, wearing the cast-off clothes of
those in attendance, he frequently reached behind his back without
looking, grabbing the hands of audience members who were supposed to be
surrounding him onstage, clasping them in a strange display of ironic
solidarity or as a plea for performative assistance. I’m not sure
which, but probably a little bit of both."

Marathonpacks' Girl Talk review
(via kathryn yu) helps me understand what I saw at last November's Be the Riottt!