Monthly Archives: February 2007

In other words, black is whatever we say it is

[…] Consider this: Just 40 years ago, one could make certain assumptions about the average Negro, or black American. She was probably no more than one generation removed from the South; whether a Northerner or Southerner, he had first-hand knowledge of Jim Crow, or segregation; when it came to religion, he or she was most […]

QotD: Never Seen It

What's the most famous movie you've never seen?  Submitted by Mike. Hm. Laura's post helpfully links to Wikipedia's highest-grossing-film list. I haven't seen either "Pirates of the Caribbean," "Shrek" or "Spider-Man" movies. I guess I'll go with "The Lion King."

QotD: Life-Changing Books

What are five books that changed your life?  Inspired by Ms. Genevieve. The Nine Planets (Exploring Our Universe) 0645 Discusses the characteristics of each of the nine planets and explains the techniques used in the discovery and study of them.  When I was eight, Franklyn M. Braney's "The Nine Planets" made the planets much more […]

I am not a blipster

So instead of writing about them, I'll blog about them.