QotD: First Celebrity Crush

Who was your first celebrity crush?
Submitted by Glory.

Buddy Epsen (Jed Clampet) introduces young RAQUEL WELCH
Raquel Welch-"Fathom" Getting Frisked!
Raquel Welch is Hannie Caulder
Raquel Welch-Fathom(Showing Off Her Bikini) 1967
Raquel Welch - This Girl's Back In Town
Raquel Welch-"Fathom" Wearing A  Bikini On A "Pleasure Boat"
Raquel Welch-"Fathom" Bikini On Stairs
Raquel Welch-Fathom(Riding In Boat) Bikini!  1967
Raquel Welch-"100 Rifles" Jim Brown
Muppet show - Woman

I remember being 4 or 5 years old. I was reading something, maybe a newspaper or a magazine, and thinking she was pretty.

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