Vox Hunt: Overdubbed

Audio: If you could sing like anyone, living or dead, who would you choose to sound like?  Share a song of theirs.
Submitted by aa.

I like my singing voice, but I think of it as a fat crayon and myself as a bit of a toddler.  One day I aspire to pencildom, and perhaps simple line drawings. Not everyone can be Leonardo da Vinci. That's why I'm glad Wacom tablets GarageBand or Pro Tools and autotune came along. (Not everyone should use them on every  Top 40 hit, mind you, but I can appreciate technology without advocating its indiscriminate use.)

When I was a kid? Lou Rawls, Johnnie Wilder Jr. or Bobby Womack. When I was a teenager? Prince, George Michael, Lionel Richie or Sade. When I was twentysomething? Philippe Wynne, N'Dea Davenport or Maxwell. Now? I don't know, someone who could just plant their feet in front of you and saloon-croon or pub-belt it out.

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[this is good] Boy was I hurt, as well as shocked, when Philippe Wynne left the Spinners to join Parliament Funkadelic in the early 80’s.

The other day I was listening to Regina Spektor and thinking how nice it would be if I could just sing silly words and have it sound so not painful. It seems a bit like flying to me. Something that seems like it would feel a lot like freedom.

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