Monthly Archives: January 2007

David Byrne on media

“Some are better for saying a particular thing than others. I think it’s also part of that punk do-it-yourself attitude, of being like: ‘Well, I don’t care that I’m not an expert in this. I know my limitations, but I think I can express what I want to express within those limitations.’ You know — […]

Magnetic and True

Magnetic and True George Kelly Do I believe in elements, what their presence drives, or put my trust in everything on which artifice thrives or maybe split the difference, see both where my eyes fall upon the world I find you in, where you can hear my call? There's two kinds of north that I […]

Effort and Success (Iron and Steel and Tin)

Effort and Success (Iron and Steel and Tin) George Kelly Effort, call effort the discriminator. Call success, success the delineator. How much work before you're tirin', how much tin and steel and iron? You wanted it easy so you decided on iron first, and you bellied right up to the bar to slake your thirst. […]

Vox Hunt: I Love This Part

esotsm – "okay" "okay" Video: Show us your favorite movie scene. Submitted by Caroline.

Where I slowly stir the water and every day’s the same

Aquarium vs. Gills and Tails Dance of the Infidel Hmm, hmm, hmm. I'm a fish in an aquarium, cut off from the outside world. The water's always lukewarm and I observe. Hardly anyone takes notice of me, but I am here, quietly floating, my lips moving just like yours. Always in motion, you never seem […]

Half birthdays and haircuts

I'm on the stillpoint between 35 and 36 today. not missing it half as much as I thought I might. I told Bernie today that as soon as the barber got done running heavy-duty clippers over my scalp and turned me 'round to face the mirror, I said to myself "hello, I know you; it's […]

Kwanzaa ’06: Imani

Faith. You can rattle off any definition you like: the evidence of things not seen; one of the three great things (along with hope and love); a George Michael album, if you like. Torichan attended a couple of celebrations, Eros Comes In Black Satin did it up proud. Nyasha Nicole had a nice tiny capture […]