Half birthdays and haircuts

Written by George on 2007-01-07 Categories: Posts
Day after Christmas, Monterey hotel roomLeaving work Friday for the barber'sThe shorn identity, pt. 1Sunday afternoon, Prism Cafe


  • on the stillpoint between 35 and 36 today.
  • not missing it half as much as I thought I might. I told Bernie today that as soon as the barber got done running heavy-duty clippers over my scalp and turned me 'round to face the mirror, I said to myself "hello, I know you; it's been a while, but you're still familiar after all." I guess I am not my hair, after all. 😉
  • digesting lunch, aka chicken-topped cornbread-crust cheese pizza with a side salad, Poppy Jasper amber and Pilsner Urquell.
  • glad to have run into Tarita Thomas from BlogHer just now.
  • halfway through the year's first read, Chris Cleave's "Incendiary."
  • on pins and needles about my 7:30-to-9:30 p.m. gigs at Prism Cafe on Thurs., Jan. 11 (with an art opening) and Jan. 25 with my friends Delia and Peter.
  • also chuffed about my other gigs opening around 8:30 p.m.-ish for Samantha Chanse (yeah, her) on Mon., Jan. 22 and playing solo (hopefully with other friends opening for me hopefully) about 8:30 p.m.-ish on Mon., March 20 at Ireland's 32.
  • grateful for my true-blue friends who beat back illness and other issues to listen to me Jan. 2 at Ireland's 32.
  • having fun with GarageBand demos since taking the last week of '06 off work.
  • just about done with last year's favorite songs, albums and movies, so those'll go up in a bit.
  • thinking I should set up a doctor's appointment this month for the first time in ages.
9 Comments on Half birthdays and haircuts


  • michelle says:

    [esto es genial] You’re such an inspiration to me in so many ways George. 

  • gwen says:

    [this is good] whaaaaa??
    Just looking at your head makes me cold. Looks good, though.

  • tuckergurl says:

    [esto es genial] Many people when they cut their dreads feel some intense kind of release like they have shed years of … something.  Did you feel that way or was it more of a casual decision?  Happy New Year btw!

  • Jason says:

    I need to add “See George perform live and in living color” to my list of New Year’s Resolutions.

  • ecru says:

    [c’est top] Happy Unbirthday, Georgie. Wow, your new haircut is amazing. It’s a new George Kelly before us this 2007. I’m so impressed that you’re sharing your music with others. I wish I lived close enough to come to your upcoming gigs and lend support. Take care and happy new year


  • allaboutgeorge says:

    Michelle: I only wish I’d earned the right to inspire. Till then, shall I settle for making you laugh?

    Gwen: It’s cold. Knit hats are the new black.

    tuckergurl: I think anyone who tells you stories about intense release is a bliss ninny frontin’ phantom-limb syndrome for sympathy about their mislaid follicles, but I shouldn’t assume everyone does it casually, like me. Happy new year!

    Jason: You’re not missing anything at all, but I’d be happy to play for you if I could get you properly anesthetized beforehand. Grey Goose, right?

    ecru: Happy new year. You’re sweet to offer support, but sweeter to say it’s a new George. Alas, all I can promise you is more of the same. For that, I hereby apologize in advance. *bows*

  • Tchatchke says:

    You inspire me, too, George, making your music happen in front of people. I got all tense when I read about your gigs because it’s something I want to do and it takes major guts to go up on a stage and sing your heart and soul out in front of friends and strangers. Wish I could come see you!

    Note: my comment on Flickr re: liberating sensation of shaved headedness had more to do with upkeep than anything else. I am getting sick of my hair and if I had clippers, I would not have it anymore.

    Other note: want I should knit you a hat?

  • Ms. Jen says:

    [c’est top] This is definitely top!  The top of George’s head is nekkid….

    I, too, will join Jason in adding seeing you play out to my one New Year’s resolution.  Now I have two.  Cool.


  • liz says:

    omg you cut your hair! I’m so used to seeing u around the web fully locked! wow.

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