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He hit it and quit it

James Brown- Sex Machine / Soul Power James Brown James Brown Olympia 1966 James Brown […] When the band hits its first notes and the room begins to ride the music, a kind of metamorphosis occurs, a sort of transmutation of the air of expectation in this Midlands crowd. They've been relieved of the first […]

QotD: My Favorite Holiday Movie

What's your favorite holiday movie? Bad Santa trailer

South of the Border

South of the Border South of the Border George Kelly She went south across the border and came back in a single afternoonWhen she called me, I told her to be safe is more important than soonI looked out the window as the twilight turned into the eveningI waited on the faraway road to see […]

Four hours, thirteen minutes in ten minutes, thirty-seven seconds

061214sleeptothebeat "[…] You can learn more about how Americans live just by looking at the backgrounds of YouTube videos—those rumpled bedrooms and toy-strewn basement rec rooms—than you could from 1,000 hours of network television. […]"

Atop Mt. Diablo with Pearl Harbor vets

Searchlight ceremony atop Mount Diablo

QotD: This Song Makes Me Festive

WARNINGWARNINGWARNING [this is 1980s-ist] John (*cough-cough*Cougar!) Mellencamp, "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" Wham!, "Last Christmas" U2, "It's Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" Run-DMC, "Christmas in Hollis" The Waitresses, "Christmas Wrapping" (Lead singer Patty Donahue? Dead 10 years this Dec. 9) Band-Aid, "Do They Know It's Christmas" (Bowie was supposed to sing the first line? […]

James Kim

Mat got me thinking about why I care. I don't know James Kim. I guess it is possible I could have known him at some point. The outcome is a small obscenity. His wife should still have her husband; his daughters should still have their father; his co-workers should still be laboring beside their colleague. […]