Monthly Archives: December 2006

Kwanzaa ’06: Kuumba

(cross-posted at Creativity. It's like Butterfly FX says: Take time to be creative whether in the kitchen, with a music score, the brush, the clippers, the microphone, the computer, with your happy feet, your hands, your vocal chords or guitar chords. We have a creativity that can teach and heal. That'll work. As will […]

Kwanzaa ’06: Nia

(cross-posted at Purpose. It ain't all about a great Blackalicious album, neither. 😉 Nia (+ Bonus Tracks) Blackalicious Jasmyne Cannick's got the definition and Black My Story and Deep Brown Girl at Just Sista Things (1, 2) weigh in briefly, but Linda takes a more personal and reflective tack on it. That makes me […]

Kwanzaa ’06: Ujamaa

(cross-posted from Cooperative economics, right? Soulsearching's got the definition and DarkStar takes it on further. My thought? What does that mean in an attention economy where some small amount of, well, somebody's dollars can hinge on whether you click on this-here link to take you to that-there Web site or blog? If attention is […]