Today she is 41

I've got a lot of courage, but I've also got a lot of fear. You should
allow yourself to be scared. It's one of the prime emotions. You might
almost enjoy it, funny as it sounds, and find that you can get over it
and deal with it. If you ignore these things, you miss so much. But
when you want to enjoy something, especially when it's something
you've just been introduced to, you've got to have a lot of courage to
do it. I don't think I'm more courageous than most people. I'm an even
mixture of all those prime emotions.

Interview magazine, 1995, via GH&FT special's "Big Time Sensuality"

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  1. She’s come a long way since the Sugar Cubes. (Sykurmolarinr)  I made many contacts with the band’s management to interview her but it never came about.

  2. [das ist gut] Thanks for pointing to those pics, George. Sugarcubes reunion. *faints*

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