Today’s Playlist: “American”

  1. Wilco, "Ashes Of American Flags" (off "YHF Demos/Unreleased")
  2. Bill Frisell, "Unscientific Americans"
  3. A Guy Called Gerald, "American Cars"
  4. De La Soul, "It's American"
  5. Jonathan Elias, "American River"
  6. Howard Zinn, "The American Revolution"
  7. Rilo Kiley, "American Wife"
  8. Rolando Alarcon, "Si Somos Americanos"
  9. David Bowie, "I'm Afraid of Americans (VI)"
  10. Howard Zinn, "Un-American Activities"
  11. Damsel, "Deathwatch On The American Empire"
  12. Jimmy Eat World ,"Bleed American"
  13. American Music Club, "America Loves the Minstrel Show"
  14. Out Hud, "The Stoked American"
  15. Nas & Kelis, "American Way"
  16. Cat Power, "American Flag"
  17. George Michael, "American Angel"
  18. Garth Brooks, "American Honky-Tonk Bar Association"
  19. The Elders, "American Wake"
  20. Radio 4, "The Death of American Radio"
  21. Wilco, "Ashes Of American Flags"

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