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QotD: Childhood Frights

What were you afraid of as a child that seems silly to you now?Submitted by navelgazer. Not knowing the answer.

Today she is 41

Bjork- Big Time Sensuality (Night Version) I've got a lot of courage, but I've also got a lot of fear. You should allow yourself to be scared. It's one of the prime emotions. You might almost enjoy it, funny as it sounds, and find that you can get over it and deal with it. If […]


Vancouver Timelapse

QotD: Tasty Thanksgiving Treat

What's your favorite Thanksgiving dish?Submitted by Brennan. Pumpkin pie. By a country mile.

13 seconds out of my Saturday night


Today’s Playlist: “American”

Wilco, "Ashes Of American Flags" (off "YHF Demos/Unreleased") Bill Frisell, "Unscientific Americans" A Guy Called Gerald, "American Cars" De La Soul, "It's American" Jonathan Elias, "American River" Howard Zinn, "The American Revolution" Rilo Kiley, "American Wife" Rolando Alarcon, "Si Somos Americanos" David Bowie, "I'm Afraid of Americans (VI)" Howard Zinn, "Un-American Activities" Damsel, "Deathwatch On […]

All ye know on earth, and all ye need to know

[…] There is one moment in my teenage years when I remember being ethnically accepted. I was shopping for a television with my father at Price Club, when one of the salespeople, who was Latina, mistook us for her peers and graciously — in Spanish — told us that the TV we were interested in […]