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QotD: Halloween Costume Preparations

If you are going to dress up for Halloween, what will you be? Why? 
Submitted by Auweea.

Lazy me will probably find a Bob Marley T-shirt, wear it under my jean jacket and schlep my acoustic guitar around on my back.

Super-motivated me might go naughty-schoolgirl.

I'd have to thrift:

A short plaid skirt.
Control-top stockings.
Hair ribbons.
A cardigan sweater and/or sweater vest.

And add it to:

A button-down shirt-and-rep-tie combo.
Raggedy-ass combat boots.

Who knows which me will win?

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  1. Your schoolgirl costume also gets my vote, not only because it would rock and we’d get to see pics, but also  because that’s exactly how I used to dress in junior high!

  2. Ok it looks like the votes are in. You gotta go School girl. Be naughty. Do it. Do it. (insert peer pressure here)