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Paging, pt. 1

African American fiction Gay & lesbian I'm spending time out of the heat and in air-conditioned environs whenever possible. I'm thinking I didn't make full use of a Buns and Noodle coupon I got in the mail yesterday. I'm wondering about two groups of people: community leaders who rail against the rise of hip-hop fiction […]

Wednesday evening at Frjtz

Passing the time with a glass

So long, Mickey Spillane

Vengeance Is Mine "Velda was watching me with the tip of her tongue clenched between her teeth. There wasn't any kitten-softness about her now. She was big and she was lovely, with the kind of curves that made you want to turn around and have another look. The lush fullness of her lips had tightened […]

QotD: Celebrational Muppetational!

Why do we always come here? I guess we'll never know. Who is your favorite Muppet? Why?QotD submitted by Statler and Waldorf till the casket drops.

Reaching for the stars

"The Long Tail" knows how I spent my Sundays There are boxes and boxes of paper and newspaper and receipts and CDs in my room. They can't stay there forever, but they certainly can't stay in the storage unit about a block away from us. I am hopeful that somewhere in there, perhaps in the […]

Truckee River panorama


Spirit of Mumbai

Maximum City : Bombay Lost and Found (Vintage) Suketu Mehta New York, N.Y.: What should be an appropriate response by the average man on the street in Mumbai? Suketu Mehta: The great thing about Bombay is its open, generous heart. I wrote in my book about the 'hands from the trains': "If you are late […]