Reaching for the stars

There are boxes and boxes of paper and newspaper and receipts and CDs in my room. They can't stay there forever, but they certainly can't stay in the storage unit about a block away from us. I am hopeful that somewhere in there, perhaps in the three green regulation Government Printing Office ledgers, are lists of some of the AT40 lists I used to keep. It's a hope against hope. I have much clearer memories of legal pads snuck out of my mom's home office and pencils honed on the sharpener in the kitchen. When I stayed home and listened to Casey Kasem, I couldn't have imagined the Internet, much less music blogs, or Pandora.

Spirit of Mumbai

New York, N.Y.: What should be an appropriate response by the average man on the street in Mumbai?

Suketu Mehta: The great thing about Bombay is its open, generous heart. I wrote in my book about the 'hands from the trains':

"If you are late for work in Mumbai and reach the station just as the train is leaving the platform, don't despair. You can run up to the packed compartments and find many hands unfolding like petals to pull you on board. And while you will probably have to hang on to the door frame with your fingertips, you are still grateful for the empathy of your fellow passengers, already packed tighter than cattle, their shirts drenched with sweat in the badly ventilated compartment. They know that your boss might yell at you or cut your pay if you miss this train. And at the moment of contact, they do not know if the hand reaching for theirs belongs to a Hindu or a Muslim or a Christian or a Brahmin or an Untouchable. Come on board, they say. We'll adjust."

I hope – I know – that this spirit will endure. Bombay will adjust. Thank you.

Washington Post's "Indian Bomb Attacks: Analysis"

Qotd: Have a Question?

We're going meta today: What questions would you'd like to see become QoTDs?

When did you first realize you were ___________? Was this experience positive or negative?
What will your obituary say? What won't make it in?
Do you believe in (a) God? If not, why not?

QotD: No shouting on the bus!

What was your most memorable or favorite school field trip?

Growing up in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. meant the field trips tended to be a round of rides on the Metro into one Smithsonian museum after another. I have vague memories of a disastrous trip to the National Zoo that may have culminated in both losing a camera and getting birdshit-bombed.

Digital photo relics

This would have been taken on a Sony Mavica FD-73 on a floppy disk that plugged into the camera's body. I bought it at the Sears
in downtown Oakland, California, in the first week of July in 2000. This would've been the second time I'd grown my hair out from a shorn scalp. The first time had to've been on my ex-girlfriend's suggestion in early to mid-1998. She was Jamaican-American and I guess she got tired of seeing me come back from the barber on 14th Street with a high-and-tight fade 'do. That's probably the only time I listened to her and it stuck.


  • Now that I have the sense not to, I can run for president.
  • I'm mo longer lumped in with that highly-sought-after 18- to 34-year-old male demographic.
  • No. 1 song when I turned 18, almost half a life ago? In the U.S., "Good Thing" by the Fine Young Cannibals; in the UK,
    "Back To Life (How Ever Do
    You Want Me)" by Soul II
    Soul featuring Caron
  • No. 1 songs today? Hot 100: "Promiscuous" by Nelly Furtado featuring Timbaland; Hot Latin: Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie" featuring Wyclef; Hot R&B/Hip-Hop: Yung Joc's "It's Goin' Down"; Hot Ringtones: Koji Kondo's "Super Mario Brothers Theme"; Hot Country: Kenny Chesney's "Summertime"; Adult Contemporary: Daniel Powter's "Bad Day"; Modern Rock and Mainstream Rock: Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Dani California" (I've only heard three of these seven songs. I must be getting old or something.)

“Superman Returns”

Pretty savior-centric, sis. You WILL believe Jesus is magic. When I could, I focused on the media over the message.

  • The kid with the cameraphone producing what Frank Langella-as-Perry White calls an "iconic" picture vs. poor Sam Huntington-as-Jimmy Olsen's vague blur-caps. Kevin Spacey-as-Lex Luthor's goons documenting the evil-that-they-do with video cameras.
  • Kate Bosworth-as-Pulitzer-Prize winning editorial writer Lois Lane) clearly bugging the h-e-double-hockey-sticks out of Peta Wilson's spokeswoman with persistent questions about the shuttle launch, plus the one about why a single network was covering one particular related event.
  • A Daily Planet story meeting like none I've ever seen. And then, the next day? An elevator full of silent riders with their eyes glued to the newspaper.

Spacey? Scenery-chewing goodness from start to finish. Parker Posey? Not enough scenery left for her. Kal Penn? Screen time yay, but not a single word. Bosworth/Routh/Marsden? Bland. Marlon Brando? Surprisingly good for someone dead two years.

Gwen invents a new word

allaboutgeorge: Gwen. In *new hometown*
allaboutgeorge: Requires radical reorienting!
gwen: heh
gwen: it's only a couple miles
gwen: technically i could bike htere
gwen: [i'm not sure if i was typing here or there, but i guess it doesn't matter]
gwen: i'm not going through that tunnel though
allaboutgeorge: I'm blogging this
allaboutgeorge: as "Gwen invents a new word."
gwen: right now?
gwen: heh

Htere. When it doesn't matter if you're here or there.