“Superman Returns”

Pretty savior-centric, sis. You WILL believe Jesus is magic. When I could, I focused on the media over the message.

  • The kid with the cameraphone producing what Frank Langella-as-Perry White calls an "iconic" picture vs. poor Sam Huntington-as-Jimmy Olsen's vague blur-caps. Kevin Spacey-as-Lex Luthor's goons documenting the evil-that-they-do with video cameras.
  • Kate Bosworth-as-Pulitzer-Prize winning editorial writer Lois Lane) clearly bugging the h-e-double-hockey-sticks out of Peta Wilson's spokeswoman with persistent questions about the shuttle launch, plus the one about why a single network was covering one particular related event.
  • A Daily Planet story meeting like none I've ever seen. And then, the next day? An elevator full of silent riders with their eyes glued to the newspaper.

Spacey? Scenery-chewing goodness from start to finish. Parker Posey? Not enough scenery left for her. Kal Penn? Screen time yay, but not a single word. Bosworth/Routh/Marsden? Bland. Marlon Brando? Surprisingly good for someone dead two years.

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belch. i no likely this madness. i was especially huffy, as i insisted we see superman over the devil wears prada. my bad. 🙁

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