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Sometimes you’re the bug

Someone smashed my windshield last night, pt. 2 Someone smashed my windshield last night, pt. 1 Well it's a strange old game you learn it slowOne step forward and it's back you goYou're standing on the throttleYou're standing on the brakeIn the groove 'til you make a mistake Sometimes you're the windshieldSometimes you're the bugSometimes […]


Lighting the barbecue bag

QotD: Your fantasy restaurant

If you could open any sort of restaurant, what would it be like? Probably Salt Lake City's One World Cafe (MSNBC, Catalyst Magazine, Utah Food Guide via Salt Lake Tribune, Deseret News) but I am intrigued by what must be its polar opposite.

Full of passionate intensity

[…] Were pro-Israeli and pro-Arab viewers who were especially knowledgeable about the conflict immune from such distortions? Amazingly, it turned out to be exactly the opposite, Stanford psychologist Lee D. Ross said. The best-informed partisans were the most likely to see bias against their side. Ross thinks this is because partisans often feel the news […]

QotD: Back where I’m from…

Soda? Cola? Pop? What do you say? Any other regional words that set you apart?Question submitted by Gladys. Soda. Everything else is just funny-colored fizzy water.

QotD: Shaken not stirred

What's your favorite drink or cocktail? What's in it?Question submitted by Vodka and Red Bull was my good friend in Austin, Texas, for most of March. I'm not averse to a Jack and Coke. I've been drinking ambers lately, but I like my Guinness. I'm still stuck on late-harvest rieslings.

Two against nature

Gnarls Barkley – Smiley Faces steely dan – the making of peg Gnarls Barkley Pitchfork: Can you explain the shtick behind the Gnarls Barkley persona? Danger Mouse: It's a little simpler than people think. It's not so much a Cee-Lo and Danger Mouse record as the two of us together being something else. There was […]