My weekend plans…

Aimee Mann at Stern Grove. Laundry. A good, long talk on Skype with an old friend. A little budgeting here, a little vlogging there and a wiggle when you walk and a giggle when you talk.

Strung out

[…] Recorded live at Abbey Road Studios, the strings
on Scale are the most sumptuous musical elements to ever appear on a
Herbert record. Wags have already said they're more Lawrence Welk than
Nelson Riddle. True, there is something corny about them, but the corniness works:
Disco was full of records that equated opulence and upward mobility with the
in-house orchestras of 1940s Hollywood. In the race to link disco to house
and techno and beyond, people forget that there was always a brassy,
Broadway vibe to the best disco. After all, it was a short walk downtown from Guys
and Dolls to Kid Creole and the Coconuts. […]

The reviewer nails it.

I haven't stopped smiling today since I saw a fax mentioning an early-August concert date at the shed up the hill from where I sit. Scheduled performers? K.C. and the Sunshine Band, Gloria Gaynor, Tavares and Sister Sledge.
Talk about "lost in music."

Dit-dit-dit on your mobile phone

I'm in bed. The covers are pulled up to the middle of my back. I feel like they ought to be up to my neck, or possibly over my head.

Right now, working out at the gym is intermittently fun. That's because I don't know what I'm doing with most machines. It's also because I usually go when floor traffic is high and my energy isn't. The real issue is that I don't know what I want. Bulging upper body full of muscles? Aerobic bodily goodness via treadmills and mats and the two-and-a-half mile walk from our apartment there and back? A good start. But is that all there is? Of course not. So let's keep dancing.

I loved this costume so much…

I'm thinking Halloween 2001: Plaid flannel pajamas, a blue woolen blanket, my pillow off my bed and slippers (the weak link, as it made shuffling around in public difficult — I think I limped home with blisters).

Friends old and new converged on the Castro to eat candy (not all of which got passed around — see that plastic bag hanging from my left hand?), take pictures of each other and gawk at the effort and invention that went into other folks' transmogrifications.


Inna B-Bowl stance

The tension mounts ...
Consumption is optional
Say it loud ...

Hello, fellow grocery-store shopper! You must be a fan of Ice T's early-1990s hard-rock band. It took me a moment to make out the words above your two-word, seven-letter salute, but I'm just about certain they read "Tell us what to do?" I think it's rhetoric. After further analysis of your T-shirt, I can deduce that you are the epitome of antidisestablishmentarianism.

I only eat mushrooms when A. cooks them in a stir-fry or when I throw a couple into a salad. I have never seen "Attack of the Mushroom People."
This package caught my eye on a grocery-store shelf because I realized as soon as I saw it that the two words I least wish to associate with "mushroom" are "mixed" and "exotic." I think I would rather eat "unmixed" and "commonplace" ones. These words may be used with "nuts," for example. I do not eat nuts.

I think the young person wearing this Goth
-y shirt did not think about how he might be perceived by others. First of all, he appears to be looking for vitamins. This may well be indicative of a strong regard for health and a care for one's physical well-being. This could be taken as at odds with "[a] preoccupation with themes of death
, romance
, the supernatural
, darkness
, the archaic
, and the generally macabre
[…] ."