Monthly Archives: June 2006

My weekend plans…

Aimee Mann at Stern Grove. Laundry. A good, long talk on Skype with an old friend. A little budgeting here, a little vlogging there and a wiggle when you walk and a giggle when you talk.

J.D. Lasica says Hi @ Vloggercon

J.D. Lasica Says Hi @ Vloggercon

Strung out

Scale […] Recorded live at Abbey Road Studios, the strings on Scale are the most sumptuous musical elements to ever appear on a Herbert record. Wags have already said they're more Lawrence Welk than Nelson Riddle. True, there is something corny about them, but the corniness works: Disco was full of records that equated opulence […]

Dit-dit-dit on your mobile phone

On call I'm in bed. The covers are pulled up to the middle of my back. I feel like they ought to be up to my neck, or possibly over my head. Right now, working out at the gym is intermittently fun. That's because I don't know what I'm doing with most machines. It's also […]

Scoble at Vloggercon

Scoble throws a wave

I won a book

I won a book

Gallery at Mama Buzz Cafe

Gallery at Mama Buzz Cafe

One minute outside my window

One minute outside my window

I loved this costume so much…

Share each moment (Halloween '01) I'm thinking Halloween 2001: Plaid flannel pajamas, a blue woolen blanket, my pillow off my bed and slippers (the weak link, as it made shuffling around in public difficult — I think I limped home with blisters). Friends old and new converged on the Castro to eat candy (not all […]

Inna B-Bowl stance

Hello, fellow grocery-store shopper! You must be a fan of Ice T's early-1990s hard-rock band. It took me a moment to make out the words above your two-word, seven-letter salute, but I'm just about certain they read "Tell us what to do?" I think it's rhetoric. After further analysis of your T-shirt, I can deduce […]