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Through a glass, wheatly.

Drinking Hefeweizen @ Prism Cafe "You can make art out of anything that's around you. There are things that cost nothing, things that you find in the street or in bins, and then it can go the other way. You can make things out of gold and platinum. I was thinking about death. The other […]

Sunday snippet

Seu Jorge and Aimee Mann @ Stern Grove

Two-dimensional anticipation in a three-dimensional worldd

Jhames and Gwen

My weekend plans…

Aimee Mann at Stern Grove. Laundry. A good, long talk on Skype with an old friend. A little budgeting here, a little vlogging there and a wiggle when you walk and a giggle when you talk.

J.D. Lasica says Hi @ Vloggercon

J.D. Lasica Says Hi @ Vloggercon

Strung out

Scale […] Recorded live at Abbey Road Studios, the strings on Scale are the most sumptuous musical elements to ever appear on a Herbert record. Wags have already said they're more Lawrence Welk than Nelson Riddle. True, there is something corny about them, but the corniness works: Disco was full of records that equated opulence […]

Dit-dit-dit on your mobile phone

On call I'm in bed. The covers are pulled up to the middle of my back. I feel like they ought to be up to my neck, or possibly over my head. Right now, working out at the gym is intermittently fun. That's because I don't know what I'm doing with most machines. It's also […]