Inna B-Bowl stance

The tension mounts ...
Consumption is optional
Say it loud ...

Hello, fellow grocery-store shopper! You must be a fan of Ice T's early-1990s hard-rock band. It took me a moment to make out the words above your two-word, seven-letter salute, but I'm just about certain they read "Tell us what to do?" I think it's rhetoric. After further analysis of your T-shirt, I can deduce that you are the epitome of antidisestablishmentarianism.

I only eat mushrooms when A. cooks them in a stir-fry or when I throw a couple into a salad. I have never seen "Attack of the Mushroom People."
This package caught my eye on a grocery-store shelf because I realized as soon as I saw it that the two words I least wish to associate with "mushroom" are "mixed" and "exotic." I think I would rather eat "unmixed" and "commonplace" ones. These words may be used with "nuts," for example. I do not eat nuts.

I think the young person wearing this Goth
-y shirt did not think about how he might be perceived by others. First of all, he appears to be looking for vitamins. This may well be indicative of a strong regard for health and a care for one's physical well-being. This could be taken as at odds with "[a] preoccupation with themes of death
, romance
, the supernatural
, darkness
, the archaic
, and the generally macabre
[…] ."

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Speaking of shirts at the grocery store…

Last night I saw a rather unattractive older lady wearing this shirt at a grocery store…


“The blood I bleed is black indeed.” I was thinking *this* guy had the Body Count lyrics on his shirt.

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