Saturday in “Park” with George

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Two days away from Gold's Gym and I'm starting to miss it. I picture one of their treadmills and wonder if I should be nibbling on some pellets or sipping on water from a huge water bottle suspended in front of my face. I'm at Berkeley Espresso, waiting on the auto repair place (open Saturdays, wow) up the street to check out a Buggy Bank car. It's shady and cool. The Earl Grey is hot and sweet. The lemon zest cake's moist without being soggy.

Guess which Player artist search turned up the Magnetic Fields' "How Fucking Romantic," Nick Drake's "Pink Moon," Cat Power's "Metal Heart" and Stars' "Reunion." (Hint: The artists are in the top-40 of my most-listened to list.) Extra credit: Guess which one turns up Nina Simone's "Come By Here Good Lord" (aka "Kumbuya") off her "It Is Finished" album, the Cure's "Just Like Heaven," Outkast's "Bust" and the Four Tops' "Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever."

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