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This Is My Life, Rated Life: 6.2 Mind: 6.2 Body: 6.3 Spirit: 6.1 Friends/Family: 6.5 Love: 3.6 Finance: 5.4 Take the Rate My Life Quiz Your Life Analysis: Life: Your life rating is a score of the sum total of your life, and accounts for how satisfied, successful, balanced, capable, valuable, and happy you are. […]

Slowly mastering the art of one-handed typing

Tramp Bear Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You? brought to you by Quizilla

Apparently not acting on feelings. Exactly how long have I had this problem?

I’m only humanist, born to make mistakes

You fit in with:Humanism Your ideals mostly resemble that of a Humanist. Although you do not have a lot of faith, you are devoted to making this world better, in the short time that you have to live. Humanists do not generally believe in an afterlife, and therefore, are committed to making the world a […]

Missed being a Democrat by thatmuch

You are a Social Liberal (83% permissive) and an… Economic Liberal (20% permissive) You are best described as a: Socialist Link: The Politics Test on Ok CupidAlso: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test