And it’s only Tuesday.

I think I’m going to sleep well. The desk wasn’t that hard to move from the window over to the open bit of wall by the closet. I only use one of the closet’s doors anyway.

The window’s open, but the blinds are down except for an inch and a half of quiet suburban blackness and a bit of wind to blow in and out. All day there were contractors on the other side of a nearby street, pounding at a railing, but now it’s just a car or two turning the corner every once in a while.

I like being able to stay home at least one day, after the week I’ve had. Put on iTunes, let it shuffle through songs familiar and new. I’m smiling now to think of this brief break from new newsdesk duties, stressful but stiff-upper-lip. You don’t always know how to do things right, but you get through it if you just keep running, doing what you do know as well as you can and being as polite and grateful as you can about the rest. Because you’re all in it together, chasing something everyone wants together: that deadline at the end of the day.

Just had some water. Maybe some orange juice later.

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  1. hi george

    just fiddling around, i put “writing” in the search interests hopper and came up with you. i suppose i was hoping to see some samples posted, or at least an extensive bio. hmmm…i guess my theory is, if you meant this to strictly be a personal journal, you’d have made all the posts private and blocked comments, etc.

    i’m certain your life would be interesting to others; frankly, what little i’ve read indicates we have NOTHING in common- exactly why i’d like to hear more.

    see ya in the sub-ether, cf
    ps: pardon my shameful lack of punctuation- i was educated in florida, i feel fortunate to be literate at ALL……

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