Why punch a clock when you can hurt its feelings instead?

Four-day weekend? The stars have aligned. I had one last weekend; I’m in the middle of another right now.

I get to drink beer, glorious beer. Specifically, the brand that SXSW (or Austin) made famous. Drinking during the workweek? Basically, not worth it. I get home late, I sip, I sleep, I snore (and then others who don’t drink and enjoy their sleeping don’t get to sleep).

In between, there’s the awake time spent not-sleeping. Cracking jokes, watching the occasional bit of worthwhile television, plinking around in GarageBand (and coming up with an oontz-oontz “Under the Milky Way Tonight” that I’ll be deleting forthwith), padding around after each other.

The Super Bowl? Didn’t watch it. Two teams I didn’t care about. Don’t even really care about the ads.

“Million Dollar Baby”? Strangely reminiscent of “The Shawshank Redemption,” and not just ’cause of the Morgan Freeman voiceover. Also, why is a brother’s last name Irish and I don’t know any Gaelic? Ignorance is no excuse.

After being thisclose to done with Malcolm Gladwell’s “blink” (that Amadou Diallo chapter is hitting a little too close to home; I just get up after a few pages and get distracted and want to be doing something else) and finishing Hari Kunzru’s “Transmission,” I think I went to the store and found a half-dozen paperbacks I want to read this spring.

Next month marks five and a half years of marriage and six years since I’ve seen my mother.

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Well i have to say this…life is life…when it domes down to it not much else to say…we hang in there and if were lucky we find our niche, some personally others professionally and if BOTH! ok where the heck did that manifest from…i just got all philosophical here…lol….life is life…period…Elated

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