Monthly Archives: October 2004

Costumes, no masks.

It’s about time to depress the central nervous system, after the day I had. Tipple of choice? Ozeki-chan and Sho Chiku Bai-chan. Let’s just say work, and leave it at that. Costumes for Halloween seen so far? Guy in line at the grocery store as Wolverine (his nails looked perfectly normal, but maybe he had […]

Nine days since she’s been back

Now she’s here, and I still feel like I’m waiting for her, and waking up to her feels more like wish fulfillment than reality. I follow her around with heavy-lidded eyes and watch things pivot gently around her in her path.

A dream from a few days ago.

Three black women I’d never seen before in my life (and who looked like no one whose face I could immediately place) were wearing white wedding dresses and walking around and around a big white soundstage on stilts. Watching them, I became aware of a sense that someone wanted me to find the women’s marriage […]