Monthly Archives: January 2003

storySouth, Jason Sanford, “George Wallace and the New South” Contra Costa Times, Daniel Borenstein, “Oakland’s Reeves rips GOP racism” N.Y. Times, Adam Liptak, “Death Penalty Found More Likely When Victim is White” and Emily Eakin, “Malcolm X Trove to Schomburg Center”

N.Y. Times, Selena Roberts, “For Progress, Perceptions Must Change” Silver Spring, Md., the town where I (and, at times, Oliver, Tony, Marcus and Edmond) grew up is majority-minority now. First chapter of Bruce Sterling’s “Tomorrow Now” Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Deborah Tannen, “You get stereotyped when you drawl, y’all” (via C.) Oliver looks very young on TV. […]

George Lucas, digitize this! Alex Golub’s “My Weekend with,” Vols. 1, 2, 3, 4 and (finally!) 5.

N.Y. Times, Guy Trebay, “Bring On the Clowns: Goofy Today, In Stores Tomorrow” […] the distinction between clothes produced for the runways and those designed for the tanbark is no longer sharp. It is not merely a matter of fashion don’ts becoming must-haves, of consumers being encouraged to flout the conventions that once forbade wearing […]

L.A. Times, Tina Daunt and Jill Leovy, “LAPD Offers 1st Data on Traffic Stops” The Los Angeles Police Department stops members of different racial groups in numbers roughly proportional to their share of the population, but blacks and Latinos are far more likely than whites to be removed from their cars, patted down or searched, […]

Funny where you find a birthday girl when you bother to look for her — even right down the street from our apartment, according to Carolyn Jones’ “Putting the art in BART” The metal panel, which was installed two weeks ago in front of De Lauer’s news stand on Broadway, is called “Their Eyes Were […]

Los Angeles Times, Tim Rutten, “African-Americans at the top: Where is coverage and context?” (via Romenesko’s Media News) […] Maybe these individual achievements don’t add up to what one would hope. When you connect the dots, you don’t get a picture that signifies the end of social discrimination in these strikingly individual successes. Maybe the […]

Ack. What did I learn at work today? I drop handled compliments like they’re hot. To top it off, I’ve become The Guy Who Overtalks at Meetings. (Stop me before I cut in again! My specialties, you ask? Going that extra mile for the only-funny-to-myself pun, and the reanimation of disputes both Minor and Previously, […]

‘So What,’ by John Szwed Sometime in late 1947, Miles was stopped one evening on 52nd Street by a thin white man in a cap and workers’ clothes. Miles had seen him in the clubs, munching salted radishes from a paper bag. What he wanted from Miles was permission to make a big band arrangement […]

Associated Press, Jets 41, Colts 0 […] This was the first NFL playoff game featuring two black head coaches. The Colts’ Tony Dungy and the Jets’ Edwards, longtime friends, are the only black head coaches in the league. Edwards spent five seasons as Dungy’s top assistant in Tampa before becoming the Jets’ coach in 2001. […]