S.F. Weekly, Darren Keaster, “Preaching to the Unconverted”

[…] “When someone gets beat with a bat, that’s not cool, but [neither is] violating someone’s personal space. … If motherfuckers would have came in on me, they would have got they ass whupped too, straight up and down. I definitely wouldn’t have taken a bat and tried to kill somebody over it, but the point would have been made.” […]

Last thing in the world I thought I’d see is a Morehouse grad named Martin Luther going out like that over that foul beatdown incident last semester. I didn’t have to take anything but soap, a washcloth and shower shoes during the fall semester of ’89 I spent living at Holmes Hall. Try making your point nonviolently, M.L., with a rapier wit, sense of self-possession and a lack of fear, for yours and your brothers’ and sisters’ sake.

UPDATE: The Prime One’s Mike points to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s “Gays feel left out of Morehouse brotherhood”

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