Monthly Archives: January 2003

Sacramento Bee, Diana Griego Erwin, “Shaq’s ‘apology’ for racist barb at NBA foe Yao doesn’t measure up” […] O’Neal also taunted Irwin Tang, the author of the Asian Week piece that called O’Neal out, saying Tang was a person who “just doesn’t have a sense of humor, like I do.” A typical defensive tack. What […]

UC Berkeley professor John McWhorter is wrong in Suzy Hansen’s “Another shade of black” — short-sighted and facile, if not disingenuous; stacking a fact here and a hopeful thought there and a pop-culture reference nearby and calling it a response. Sure, you can be a wiseguy and reply, “Well, damn, George, isn’t that your M.O., […]

L.A. Times, Erika Hayasaki, “Reading, ‘Riting and Rap” […] Nancy Brodsky, 23, a teacher at Samuel Gompers Vocational Technical High School in New York’s South Bronx, has her ninth-grade students listen to a song by Dead Prez before reading George Orwell’s 1945 fable “Animal Farm,” the classic commentary on the Russian Revolution. The rap song […]

A competitor for Black Entertainment Television? Krissah Williams at the Washington Post says one’s on the way by the middle of this year from Radio One. I can’t wait to see it — not that the prospect of a 24-hour news-and-entertainment channel is enough to get A. and I paying a local cable provider again, […]


Miami Herald, Audra D.S. Burch, “‘The main streets of black America’: Blacks find pride in streets named after King” N.Y. Times, Jane Gross, “Studying Race, Privilege and Intellectual Levels” Orlando Sentinel, Kelly Brewington and Stephanie Erickson, “Historic black towns struggle to survive” (with picture gallery) Raleigh News & Observer, Vicki Lee Parker, “Beyond black and […]

Observer UK, Emily Yoffe, “Bridge of Sighs” […] Twenty-one years ago, Air Florida Flight 90, on its way from Washington National Airport to Tampa and Fort Lauderdale, crashed seconds after takeoff, its wings frosted with snow and ice. As the Boeing 737 hit the 14th Street Bridge, it sheared the tops off cars stuck in […]