Monthly Archives: December 2002

Sacramento Bee, Peter Schrag, “California secedes — A midwinter night’s dream” It began as no more than a gesture of protest, when a group of California Democrats, led by U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, put on the November 2004 ballot the California Dignity Initiative, a measure calling on the state’s […]

Washington Post, Daryl Fears, “People of Color Who Never Felt They Were Black” […] Although most do not identify themselves as black, they are seen that way as soon as they set foot in North America. Their reluctance to embrace this definition has left them feeling particularly isolated — shunned by African Americans who believe […]

So this is Christmas. And what have you done?

John and Kate Snyder (née Maletz), witnesses and photographers when A. and I wed in September 1999, have had a busy year. Good on ’em!

CitySearch Live Daily, Colin Devenish, “Joe Strummer” […] Do you ever feel like you’re in competition with your past? Not really, because it’s so long ago. The past is past. I always feel to live in the present. Blank piece of paper is always the same. You’ve got to fill the blank piece of paper. […]

PopMatters, which I don’t visit often enough, has Mark Anthony Neal’s “White Chocolate” schooling fools on Lady T, and David Sanjek’s “Fate Wears a Fedora” on Jean-Paul Melville, director of probably my favorite French–language film ever. There is no greater solitude than the samurai’s…unless perhaps it be that of the tiger in the jungle. –The […]

At this point, I don’t know why Rep. Cass Ballenger even bothered to paint his family-heirloom black lawn jockey white. (via BuzzFlash)

Bill of Rights Defense Committee, y’all. Prominent in the best burgs and villes, from foundations up to the windowsills.

An old meme (via Black Belt Jones): one’s Dungeons & Dragons alignment. My results? Chaotic good. (Specifically: Law: 0, Chaos: 5; Good: 4, Evil: 3 — my specific choices were here) Which I’ll need to poke around into D&D to understand more clearly, since (like Howard Cosell) I never played the game. ————————————— Of course, […]

Washington Post, E.J. Dionne, “Thurmond’s GOP” […] African Americans in the South are among the best-known victims of states’ rights claims, but they were not alone in having to turn to the federal government to seek vindication for their rights. It also took federal power to advance the rights of workers (through the Wagner Act […]