Washington Post, Daryl Fears, “People of Color Who Never Felt They Were Black”

[…] Although most do not identify themselves as black, they are seen that way as soon as they set foot in North America.

Their reluctance to embrace this definition has left them feeling particularly isolated — shunned by African Americans who believe they are denying their blackness; by white Americans who profile them in stores or on highways; and by lighter-skinned Latinos whose images dominate Spanish-language television all over the world, even though a majority of Latin people have some African or Indian ancestry. […]

Me, too. From my mother’s sleep I fell into the State, and so on.

For later perusal: The Atlantic, Maggie Scarf, “Intimate Partners” (after vague curiosity with Barbara Dafoe Whitehead’s latest work on single women) and Esquire, Jonathan Nolan, “Memento Mori” (after curling up with A. to watch rented copies of “Afterlife” and “Memento,” which sandwiched a sojourn to the Piedmont for Almod�var’s “Talk To Her”).

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