PopMatters, which I don’t visit often enough, has Mark Anthony Neal’s “White Chocolate” schooling fools on Lady T, and David Sanjek’s “Fate Wears a Fedora” on Jean-Paul Melville, director of probably my favorite Frenchlanguage film ever.

There is no greater solitude than the samurai’s…unless perhaps it be that of the tiger in the jungle.
–The Book of Bushido

Jane Lagrange: I like it when you come round, because you need me.

Jef Costello: I never lose. Not ever.

Martey: Who are you?
Jef Costello: It doesn’t matter.
Martey: What do you want?
Jef: To kill you.

Olivier Rey’s associate: He’s a lone wolf.
Olivier Rey: He’s a wounded wolf; now there will be a trail. He must be disposed of quickly.

Police Superintendent: I don’t like forcing the pace to extract confessions or get information. I’m very liberal, a great believer in the liberty of the individual … in people’s right to live as they choose. Provided that the way of life they choose harms no one else … and is contrary to neither law and order nor public decency.

Police Superintendent: Don’t you love him [Jef Costello]?
Jane Lagrange: No.
Superintendent: Really? I’d have said you did. Laying yourself on the line for him like that, I thought you must love him.
Jane: You’re not the psychologist you imagined.

Police Superintendent: Have you ever thought how close girls like you are to being prostitutes?

Jane Lagrange: If I understand you right, I’ll have no problems if I perjure myself. If I insist on telling the truth, then I can expect trouble. Am I right?
Police Superintendent: Not quite. Because the truth isn’t what you say, it’s what I say … despite the methods I am obliged to employ to get at it.

Gunman: Nothing to say?
Jef Costello: Not with a gun on me.
Gunman: Is that a principle?
Jef: A habit.

Jef Costello: Who sent you?
Gunman: I can’t tell you that.
Jef: Yet you could try to kill me. Look at me. I’ll ask you just once more. Who? Name and address.
Gunman: You don’t know him; he’s not in our league.
Jef: Don’t keep me waiting.
Gunman: Olivier Rey … 73, Boulevard de Montmorency.
Jef: That’s how you became unemployed.

Jef Costello: Trouble? … Because of me
Jane Lagrange: No, you’ve never meant trouble for me.

[Jef pulls a gun on the Piano Player]
Piano Player: Why, Jef?
Jef Costello: Because I’ve been paid to.

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