St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Jerry Berger, “New lawmaker from O’Fallon, Mo., learns political lesson No. 1: How to eat crow” (via the Progressive’s No Comment)

[…] You could have heard a pin drop on the floor of the Missouri House during a recent mock debate to train freshman legislators after newcomer Rep.-elect Cynthia Davis, R-O’Fallon, committed the first gaffe. Davis cited the House rule book to prevent current Rep. Chuck Graham, D-Columbia, from continuing to speak. Davis said members “cannot be recognized on the floor to debate unless they are standing, and I don’t believe he (Graham) is standing.” Graham, a six-year vet of the House, has been in a wheelchair since a car accident 21 years ago. Rep. Tim Green, D-Spanish Lake, waited merely seconds before he told Graham to proceed. […]

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