Monthly Archives: December 2002

Shared sacrifice, my sweet ass. Rep. Charles Rangel wants Sparta. You remember Sparta, yes? Rep. Rangel, John Fogerty just called. He wants to know if you know “Fortunate Son.” (Hint: The answer’s not “No, but if you hum a few bars, I can fake it.”) Maybe it’s a Democratic outflank-Bush-on-terror thing. I couldn’t tell you. […]

Eartha Kitt, quoted in Norman Solomon’s “The Penn Paradox” over at Common Dreams. […] “If you walk through life needing everybody to love you, you will never do anything.” […] There has to be something, an agency or collective or collaborative effort to replace the Voter News Service if it should go under. The absence […]

You know, you could be reading Michael Bowen or Ejovi Nuwere. Oh, Michael? He doesn’t know what he’s started. Poor fellow. He actually got me thinking about micropayments again. They’re a figment of bloggers’ imaginations. His Web pages were some of the first noncommercial content I ever read online. Y’all are getting your Kwanzaa on, […]