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Shared sacrifice, my sweet ass. Rep. Charles Rangel wants Sparta. You remember Sparta, yes? Rep. Rangel, John Fogerty just called. He wants to know if you know “Fortunate Son.” (Hint: The answer’s not “No, but if you hum a few bars, I can fake it.”) Maybe it’s a Democratic outflank-Bush-on-terror thing. I couldn’t tell you. […]

Eartha Kitt, quoted in Norman Solomon’s “The Penn Paradox” over at Common Dreams. […] “If you walk through life needing everybody to love you, you will never do anything.” […] There has to be something, an agency or collective or collaborative effort to replace the Voter News Service if it should go under. The absence […]

You know, you could be reading Michael Bowen or Ejovi Nuwere. Oh, Michael? He doesn’t know what he’s started. Poor fellow. He actually got me thinking about micropayments again. They’re a figment of bloggers’ imaginations. His Web pages were some of the first noncommercial content I ever read online. Y’all are getting your Kwanzaa on, […]

While listening to a radio station play a band’s single, Hans-Christian Holm’s Alternative Spanish Dictionary can sure come in handy.

Filling a much-needed void has its cloaking shields up. Hanne’s fans, her cliquish claque of clicksters, dab hands all, have already begun drawing a blank. I draw no conclusions between mention of Hanne, and anyone who may or may not have forwarded Adam Clymer’s “U.S. Revises Sex Information, and a Fight Goes On” The National […]

I will not set my watch for sometime between the early evening of Saturday, February 1st, 2003 — six days after the upcoming Super Bowl, immediately after a new moon (just like on January 15, 1991) with Mercury retrograde safely past, lowering the odds of any black-cat glitches in the Matrix — and the early […]

Westword, “The Message”Latino Vote: Weblog of U.S. Latino Political NewsAssociated Press, “Filipinos Fight to Save Calif. Enclaves”, Lisa Yeung, “Rice is her Vice” […] “I still live in the same neighbourhood and I still get the ‘china’ (the Spanish word for Chinese woman — she’s Filipino) call on my way home,” she says. “And — […]

PBS Online NewsHour, “Assessing the significance of the Lott controversy” […] SUAREZ: You might say they have nowhere to go but up. A poll taken Sunday by the Gallup organization says six percent of blacks in the United States say the Republican Party best reflects their views. But a lot of Republicans, Professor Berlin, are […]

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Mae Gentry, “Mall at Stonecrest offers black and white Santas” Santa at Stonecrest has an identity crisis. Sometimes he’s white; sometimes he’s black. And mall managers aren’t sure what to call him. Last year, when the newly opened Mall at Stonecrest celebrated its first Christmas, a white- bearded, rosy-cheeked Santa greeted shoppers and […]

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