Monthly Archives: December 2001

“Robots in disguise!”: … in December’s Remix Magazine. The essence of the transformer scratch is a rhythmic cutting off and on of the sound while moving the record back and forth or letting it play. Using that simple technique, you can create an amazing variety of sounds.

Heteronormativity can blow me: … and Audre Lorde reminds me why (spurred by a Kinky Thoughts entry that I remembered when looking back through an old page’s link to a review of “The Day Lady Died,” a classic Frank O’Hara jam and then the archive where I got all that Mark Doty stuff from last […]

Pearl Harbor: … The University of Colorado’s Ira Chernus in Common Dreams: The Pearl Harbor myth tells about a final and complete victory over the enemy. In an era of terrorist threat, clinging to such a myth may make the myth irrelevant. It perpetuates the historical conflict that spawned the problem in the first place, […]