Monthly Archives: August 2001

Aaliyah: … A June interview from

Canadian Ham: … or rather, a Maclean’s article about a brother from another planet country. (via Cecily)

Korla Pandit: … He was on my mind ’cause of a Sylvia Chan article about Asian influences in hip-hop that mentions him. I had no idea Pandit was really black, not Indian.

Saul Williams on Macy Gray: … excerpted from the September 2001 issue of Interview magazine. SW: You seem to focus a lot on self-expression and exploring your taboos on the album. Are you OK with discussing some taboo issues?MG: Of course.SW: Do drugs play a role in your creative life?MG: There are a few songs […]

Suggestions: … for covering the transgender character on the upcoming CBS drama “The Education of Max Bickford.” (via jessi) DO refer to Helen Shaver’s character as Erica. Only refer to Shaver’s character as Steve as needed to detail Erica’s backstory. DO use female pronouns when referring to Erica. DON’T use quotation marks around “female,” “woman,” […]

Today’s tune: … is Zap Mama’s “Call Waiting” (narrowly beating out “Songe”). …an eerily acid-jazzy extension of the Alexander Graham Bell fixation Daulne revealed on Seven’s “Telephone.” … The only weak link in the tracks of Am A Zone is “Call Waiting’s” very basic drum n’ bass and an ungraceful attempt at trance; Zap Mama […]

Newt Gingrich: … book reviewer?

Greece is the word: … when it comes to two D.C. theater companies’ latest offerings here and here.

Madonna: … first condoms (a kind she doesn’t seem to like, actually), then a bit of common sense (which I think she’ll like even less). By insisting so neurotically on her four-year-old daughter’s femininity — when the nearest Lourdes should be getting to make-up is Burnt Sienna on her nose during finger-painting sessions — Madonna […]

DJ Spooky: …last night, That Subliminal Kid played with Matthew Shipp at the Aldrich Museum on Main St. (heh, DJ Spooky, playing on Main Street — now that’s overground acceptance!) in Ridgefield, Conn. Anybody know how it went? I mean, I only know ’bout it ’cause I went to the Stamford Advocate’s homepage looking for […]