The boob tube: … the Boston Globe’s Derrick Z. Jackson says it’s turned black folks into boobs.

No one watches television as much as black folks do. The television is on in the typical African-American household 76 hours a week, or 101/2 hours a day, according to Nielsen Research Media and TN Media. That compares with 54 hours a week in all other households. That means that a television is on a lot more hours than a child attends school. It means we are letting television run our lives and running education right out the door.

Based on scores from the National Assessment of Education Progress tests, 34 percent of the poor readers watched six hours or more of television a day. Only 6 percent of the best readers watched that much television. And you can guess by now which children were consuming that much television.

A recent study by the department of instruction in North Carolina found that 40 percent of African-American children watched six hours or more of television a day, compared with 16 percent of white and Asian-American children. Students in North Carolina who watched six hours or more television a day were a full year or more behind in classwork.

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