Suggestions: … for covering the transgender character on the upcoming CBS drama “The Education of Max Bickford.” (via jessi)

  • DO refer to Helen Shaver’s character as Erica. Only refer to Shaver’s character as Steve as needed to detail Erica’s backstory.
  • DO use female pronouns when referring to Erica.
  • DON’T use quotation marks around “female,” “woman,” “Erica” or female pronouns when referring to Helen Shaver’s character.
  • DO use the term “gender identity” to describe Erica’s sense of herself as a woman. Gender identity is not the same as sexual orientation.
  • DO refer to Erica as “a transgender woman,” or “a male-to-female transgender person” – not as “a transgender.” “Transsexual” may be used, but “transgender” is preferred. Do not use “transvestite.”
  • DON’T say that Erica is “pretending” to be a woman or “posing” as a woman, or imply that Erica is not “really” a woman.
  • DO use the words “many” and “most” when discussing transgender people. The transgender community is very diverse, and over-generalizations should be avoided.
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