“Golden Boy”: … today, though, I am feeling it. (RealAudio | RealVideo)

RES found Doc, the missing link to her sound, after a friend turned her onto Esthero’s Breath From Another. “I just thought that record was dope and I knew he was the one I needed to work with in order to do what I wanted to do,” she explains, adding, “I liked the string arrangements he had on that record, the different noises he creates in his music, and how he uses the guitar to build every song from scratch. He also had that hip-hop appeal and edge I wanted.”

How I Do opens with the incendiary “Golden Boy,” a loungy, drum ‘n’ bass-tinged track about illusion vs. reality and blowing up spots: “Why are you selling dreams of who you wish you could be / A prince in all of the magazines / They have no words for the man I’ve seen / You talk real fast before they see your face / Now would they love you if they knew all the things that we know?� Those golden boys are all a fraud / Don’t believe their show.”

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