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Race fetish: … Christine Duh talks around (not about) interracial dating and relationships. I want to know how she feels about the stats that Sailer dude mentioned before, and the rate imbalance between Asian male/white female and Asian female/white male couples.

Gentlemen who prefer blonds are “normal.” So too are gentlemen who prefer brunettes. But if one of those brunettes happens to also have almond-shaped eyes, everyone cries fetish. We are exposing biases that exist in other areas of society but are hidden due to social pressure. But these biases exist even when people aren’t talking about them. So maybe we haven’t come a long way yet. Maybe we’re not ready to admit that there is so much more to a person than her race, that every person has her own unique qualities and quirks that attract the people she dates, and that every person has the potential to be attracted to others for those very characteristics, regardless of race. That’s not what people want to hear.

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