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Remixing Björk, ex-Standardites, (Blue)tooth pain and more: … in the New York Times.

  • “It’s like a recipe. You take the ingredients that they’ve already got and construct a different dish from it.”
  • She and her colleagues are being deposited into one of the worst job markets in memory for people who sell advertising or report and write for a living.
  • “The last thing we want to do is take a new technology to market before it’s mature, and get a huge black eye.”
  • It seems strange, however, that with musicians shortchanged in so many ways and having so much money withheld by record companies, publishers, managers, lawyers and other middlemen, they are only mad at their fans.
  • “We’re so used to seeing images of young black men that are fit into some convenience compartment to the exclusion of who we really are … When I work with George, I have all of who I am available and made use of.”
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